Crypto and Blockchain Podcast: Funding your startup dream by launching an ICO Campaign

When entrepreneurs are launching their startup they most likely will need some sort of funding. There are numerous traditional ways to get your startup funded, from family, friends, and fools to angel investors and Venture Capital firms. Depending on the size o the funding your company would need to create enough runway so it can take off on its own. One way to get funding to your startup is by launching an ICO or ITO. 

Cryptocurrencies have been around for only 10 years, but the global popularity they have right now is increasing daily. Last year, cryptocurrencies hadn’t even reached a market cap of $20B, but now, in 2018, we have a market cap of over $700B, which is fluctuating. That’s a 35x increase within a year! This has created a new way for companies to get funded. The first companies that were funded by ICO, are now in stages of growing their companies and getting more general traction for their products & services. This is creating a proof of concept and case studies, for more general public to get involved in this new way to crowdfunding an idea. 

In this Podcast Episode: How to fund your startup by launching an ICO

Interested in getting funding for your startup, by launching an ICO?

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