Blockscart is Launching Crypto Ecommerce Platform like Amazon & Ebay

Cryptocurrency / Start-Ups / Technology / April 16, 2018
Blockscart is not just an online marketplace, Blockscart is a brand just like Amazon, eBay, Nike and so on. Brands are a name tag of various models in the business world and can have a range of products to provide customers and businesses alike.

The Blockscart developer team have completed the platform before hitting any ICO caps meaning, they can now increase the price of their coin to $1 from the original price of $0.10

The pre-ico sale gave the team enough funds to complete the marketplace, pay for extra services and get more blockchain developers to rush on board and to start their very own payment gateway, BLOCPAY.

The marketplace can now hold 10,000,000 (10million) products from over 10,000 vendors enabling the marketplace to be a fully functional e-commerce superstore in a very short time frame.

By using the funds to get all the tech and kit needed, Blockscart can now offer a goliath of e-commerce marketplaces and they have now gone for broke by increasing the cost of the BLOC token, the native erc20 token created for the ecosystem that is Blockscart.

What are the Current Challenges that E-commerce industry is facing?

The conventional E-trade stages charge a specific level of the aggregate deal income from retailers and frequently charge a for every deal expense too. These charges differ by stage, yet the range is between few percentages to half of the aggregate deal cost. Retailers fabricate the cuts that E-business stages take into the last value, which prompts higher costs for buyers and less benefit for retailers. It’s a dilemma for everybody aside from the E-commerce companies. Besides, large numbers of these brought together stages direct cut-off contact amongst buyers and vendors. Amazon, for instance, permits retailers to send one to follow up email requesting an audit as well as keeping an eye on the fulfillment of the client. This process radically diminishes the measure of relationship administration a retailer can give. To exacerbate the situation, Amazon utilizes its in-house customer service team, to contact the buyers who can effortlessly be approached by the vendor directly. This substantially adds up to the cost of products. The absence of true P2P system has permitted internet business organizations to put money on that.

How BlockScart is improving E-commerce industry:

Blockchain will allow for P2P marketplaces to evolve from that and as they will not have a centralized team or the alien expenses, will bring down costs to customers and better principles for retailers. While there have been some early developments on this from some blockchain companies who are trying to raise money on speculation, none have touched the most superficial layer of handling all the present issues the E-commerce industry faces. The Blockscart Marketplace is a fee free marketplace powered by blockchain. It will be a payment processing solution that enables merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrencies from buyers while receiving their funds in fiat currency.
Blockscart aims to establish new solutions, offering a few distinct, innovative features:
• Robust consumer protection and risk mitigation to both buyers and sellers
• Pay with your favorite cryptocurrency as a buyer, receive in fiat currency as a seller
• Cryptocurrency payments only and Peer to Peer payments with zero fees for buying or selling online.
Blockscart is also the ecosystem for their ERC20 Ethereum based Token called BLOC. The Token aim’ to enable the use is BLOC in the Blockscart Marketplace by spending it on merchants that support BLOC token or private buyer/seller transactions. You can also sell the token in supported exchanges, privately or hold it for future use. The key difference in their platform is the business model behind it. The Blockscart Marketplace will be a payment system that will enable you to use the token and spend it independently alongside a system that grows in synergy with the token. Moreover, using the BLOC token on the Blockscart Marketplace will have additional benefits to stimulate its growth further. Blockscart is created to foster global understanding of virtual currencies and integrate it with the e-commerce platform. Seeing that the reach of local e-commerce mainly affects their business by not reaching a broader audience and price manipulation by the centralized e-commerce companies, Blockscart’s team has decided to give power back to consumers and sellers alike.Blockscart is scaling to the International level by offering an ICO which will put their token BLOC in the hands of people across the globe enabling them to buy and sell on Blockscart’s platform locally and globally.

What are the next steps for Blockscart:

The team is now in heavy discussion with over 10 exchanges which include some of the most well know exchanges currently out there. Blockscart is looking to board as early as May.

The goal for Blockscart is to create enough trade on the marketplace with customers being able to use Ethereum as payment and to then change the method of payment over to BLOC only.

With expected vendors to reach the 200 figure by the time of exchange listing of BLOC, this will create a great demand for a coin with only a maximum amount of 39,000,000 tokens in circulation to purchase items.

All it takes is for a big tech firm to sign up and the product list will be huge.

Blockscart marketplace Demo live



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